Saturday, 16 June 2012

Weekend in Seattle- finally!

I have been living in Vancouver now for 2 years and this weekend, I am visiting Seattle for the first time.  This is a long overdue trip- Seattle is only a 3 hour drive away but all of our previous attempts to make it down here have been foiled.  Between my busy call schedule and my husband's unpredictable work hours, it is quite difficult to plan a weekend where we are both free!

Because this is my first forray in Seattle, I put in quite a few hours researching the Seattle food scene so that we could hit the top spots.  Pike Place of course is was a no-brainer of course.  As for restaurants, my final list is as follows:

-Friday dinner- Serious Pie (Tom Douglas)

Saturday am- Coffee Crawl (walking tour by Seattle By Foot tour group)

-Saturday brunch- Lola (another Tom Douglas)

-Sunday dinner- Canlis (a Seattle establishment, over 50 years in business, fine dining)

-Seattle snacks:)

I will be blogging about each of these (I am a bit behind, Seattle eating and exploring have been keeping me busy!) but stay tuned for my two cents worth!



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