Thursday 28 June 2012

Holy Coconut!!!

I finally got the chance to get down to the Juice Truck to try their infamous One Coconut smoothie. Since this coconutty treat was added to the JT's menu, it has earned itself a lot of attention on JT's twitter page.  The new kid on the block (or on the truck in this case) has really made a name for itself.  

And after trying the One Coconut, I can see why it has become such a hot commodity.  This drink just EXPLODES with coconut flavor.  It has coconut x3- coconut water, coconut milk AND real coconut meat.  If you are a coconut fan, you must try it.  It will make you think you have died and gone to coconut heaven!!!



Sunday 24 June 2012

Farmer's Market meets the Shangri-La!

It is not everyday that "Farmer's Market" and "Shangri-La Hotel" come up in the same sentence. So, despite having worked all night at St. Paul's, I felt compelled to head over to the "Market at MARKET by Jean George".

I read about this unique concept while sitting at the Naam yesterday eating brunch (ode to the Naam, a true Vancouver icon!).  The market was running today from 11-2 so I knew that I had to check it out post-call.  I intend to make it out to as many "Vancouver Farmer's Market" events that I possibly can- how can I pass up opportunities to meet local farmers and purchase amazingly fresh food, especially with a name like Miss Locavore?

The market was located on the 3rd floor patio of the Shangri-La, just outside the restaurant.  By the time I arrived at 12:30, the place as packed with vendors and shoppers.  At the entrance was a booth giving samples of Tinhorn Creek wine.  As soon as I got past the entrance, I was greeted by a sharply dressed waiter who offered me a dainty hors d'oeuvres of miniature vegetables dipped in a sort of olive tamponade.  It was served in a bowl and was meant to look like the vegetables were growing out of soil. Very cute. yet refined.  I knew right away that this was not your average farmer's market!

There were 9 vendors total, which was about all the space could comfortably hold without shoppers stumbling over each other (although there was some of that anyway, especially when a new hors d'oeuvres made its appearance!).  Four of the vendors were selling produce (microgreens, carrots, strawberries, etc.), one was selling BC salmon (canned) and the others were selling baked goods and spreads.  Personally, I would have liked to see more fresh produce and local farmers but I suppose that the size of the space did not really allow for this.  

My purchases included some beautiful salad greens from Glorious Organics Coop (made a salad for dinner, so delicious!) and a few summer squash (still waiting for inspiration on how I will use them- please reply if you have any ideas!).  The vendor was incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable about her products.  Did you know that salad greens get sweeter the longer they stay in the ground?  Bagged greens in the stores are grown for about 3 weeks while this farmer grows hers for 5-6 weeks, making the flavors really develop.  You can learn a lot from your local farmers!


I was also intrigued by Erin Ireland's stand.  She was sampling and selling her infamous banana bread that was used by the Juice Truck in their now-retired Banana Bread smoothie.  I saw that she was selling banana bread made with bacon and bought a piece to bring home to my bacon-loving husband.

All in all, I had a nice time at the market although I don't think I would call it a true "Farmer's Market" since the focus was more on speciatly items than local farmers.  Also, I felt that it lacked the sense of community that I feel at the regular markets (Kits, Trout Lake, West End).  I do, however, respect the fact that they were trying to appeal to a different audience.  I believe that there is an misconception that Farmer's Markets are for "hippies" and perhaps this scares some people off. So if events like this succeed in making the Farmer's Market more palatable to a larger audience, I am all for it.


Saturday 23 June 2012

I heart Whole Foods!

OK, so maybe my husband is right.  I am just a little bit obsessed with Whole Foods.  Or a lot obsessed.  There are not too many days of my life that go by without a visit to either Whole Foods Cambie or Capers on West 4th (Capers is a Vancouver chain taken over by WF several years ago). My day just not feel complete until I do so.  Sad but true.

Among the many things I love aboout Whole Foods (I will save my "reasons I love WF" post for another day), I very much appreciate their interest in supporting the local farmers.  They always have a large selection of BC produce which is usually displayed at the front of the store with signs telling you exactly what place (and sometimes even what farm) the item came from.  Perfect for a locavore like me!

On my most recent visit to WF (today), I noticed this really neat wall that they have created that displays all of their current local items.  What an awesome idea!  Go to the wall before you start shopping and let your creative juices flow as you think of dishes to prepare with these fresh, local ingredients!  My only recommendation is to put this display right in the entrance so that shoppers see in when they walk through the door and be immediately inspired to buy local.

Way to go WF!  Keep up the great work!



Friday 22 June 2012

New-Smoothie-at-Juice-Truck Alert!

The trek down to the Juice Truck from St. Paul's Hospital gave me just enough time to decide on what "smoothie mood" I was in.  It had to be the Hybrid- on the lighter end of their smoothie spectrum with a nice touch of cinnamon. 

But little did I know that the JT boys would throw a wrench into my plans with- "The Glove"!  I pretty much know their menu off by heart so this really threw me for a loop.  A new smoothie, yea!  They had just introduced the ONE Coconut so I did not expect another new concoction so soon!  As soon as I read the ingresdients, it was clear that the Hybrid would have to wait for another day. Pear, banana, cocao nibs, vanilla and almond milk- yummo!!!

And my taste buds were not dissapointed.  If you have not had The Glove yet, get down to your local Juice Truck asap!  Not only is this smoothie delicious but a portion of every one sold goes to support a local boxing club that is in danger of being shut down (get it, The Glove?). 

Thanks for another great smoothie creation guys!  Yet another success!

Here is the Glove in the plastic container that I bring when I go to visit.  Why not think about bringing your own cup on your next visit?  If you are nice to them, they may even give you a Juice Truck sticker to put on it:)

P.S: Did you know that the JT is now doing salads too?  They purchase them from a friend who is equally into fresh, local, healthy foods.  Unfortunately, they were all sold out by the time I got there but they look amazing.  Cannot wait to try one!!!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Canlis- a true Seattle icon


2576 Aurora Avenue North  Seattle, WA 98109, United States


Yumminess: 5/5

Service: 5+/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Locavore approved? Yes, especially their vegetarian tasting menu!

Overall: 5/5

The pinnacle dinner of our Seattle trip on Saturday night was at Canlis, toted as the best fine dining restaurant in Seattle.  Since I knew it would come at a hefty price, I did quite a lot of review reading to ensure it was what we were looking for.  At first, I was concerned that a restaurant over 60 years old might still be serving 1950’s style food but after learning that they hired a new chef, Jason Franey, who had won Food and Wine’s Best New Chef award in 2011, I felt much more comfortable with my choice.  The final piece that drew me to Canlis was its seasonal vegetarian tasting menu.  I think it takes guts for a chef to be able to transform a simple vegetable and transform it into the star of the dish. 

As we drove up to Canlis, we were immediately struck by the beauty of the restaurant and its surroundings.  It sits atop a hill that overlooks a lake with views of the whole city.  The view is quite breathtaking.  

 When you step into the door, the place screams of formality.  Yes, perhaps a bit old-school and something that you rarely, if ever, find in Vancouver any more, but on occasion it is nice to get the sort of special treatment that Canlis obviously prides itself in. There are servers aplently that escort you to the bathroom, pull out your seat every time you move to and from the table, clean crumbs after every course, etc, etc.  There were a few small blips in service (having to wait 15 minutes for our table despite having a reservation and waiting quite a while between some of our courses) but overall it was quite exceptional. We were especially impressed when we were brought a free aperatif because they felt that we had were waiting too long for our cab at the end of the meal.   It is obvious that pleasing their guests is paramount.

  Canlis prides itself in its designation as the top wine destination in Seattle and when you see it's why list, you will see why.  They have nearly 20 000 bottles of wine in their massive cellar!  So no matter what your particular taste in wine is (and what your price range is), you will find what you are yearning for.  They actually recommend arriving an hour early if you want to read through the entire wine list beforehand!  Ok, I enjoy my wine but this seems a bit excessive!  They also have 5 sommeliers who can assist you if the list overwhelms you.  There is a decent selection of Washington wines which is great for those of us visiting from elsewhere who are into locally sourced options.

  I, of course, ordered the 7-course vegetarian menu.  My husband was not all that impressed by the regular tasting menu so he instead ordered a steak.  Our waiter helpfully suggested that he order a half portion of two appetizers so that he would not be without food for too many of my 7 courses.  He therefore ordered the famous Canlis salad (apparently voted one of the top 100 dishes in North America by Saveur magazine), the hamachi with green apple and the filet with a side of their famous twice baked potato that they have been making for over 60 years.

  We were first treated to an Amuse Bouche. It was quite a sizable Amuse, comprised of  a light strawberry chilled soup and, on the side, a delicate round strawberry gelee.  It made for a very pretty plate and was the perfect starter to a vegetarian tasting menu.





I was very excited to be served an asparagus dish as my first plate. Fresh, local asparagus is one of my favorite things about spring!  The two juicy asparagus spears were sitting atop a salty caper aioli and some fluffy quinoa.  Perched on top of the asparagus was a beautiful quail's egg yolk, which really made the dish for me.



When I heard that the next dish was a beet salad, I was a bit disappointed. Not that I do not like beets, but it seems like everyone and his brother has some kind of rendition if this on its menu right now. Fortunately, my disappointment disappeared when I realized that this was no run-of-the-mill beet salad.  Sure, there were beets (local and delicious BTW!) but there was also a side of goat cheese sorbet and, best of all, a delicious crumb component (not sure what this was) that added a wonderful textural contrast.  I have eaten many beet salads in my day, but this one wins top prize for both creativity and taste!






The third dish showcased cauliflower and carrot. The piece of grilled cauliflower was served on a carrot purée (what a radiant orange color!) with two miniature carrot halves on the side.



The main dish was a ramp and ricotta tortellini (also the sole vegetarian entree on their current menu). The tortellini stuffing is a beautiful mint-green clot which pairs beautifully with the brilliant green watercress purée beneath the pasta.  A visually beautiful dish with clean, delicate flavors.



Next, we each received a palate cleanser of pineapple sorbet- it was so good that I ate it up before I was able to get a picture:)



Lastly was the dessert course which I  shared with my husband since he did not order dessert.  It was an easy dish to share as there were two components- a chocolate lava cake for him (rich and decadent) and an ice cream with cookie pieces beneath it for me (refreshing with just enough sweetness).  The best of both worlds!



As you can probably tell by now, I enjoyed my meal very much.  I really appreciated the chef’s creativity in making the vegetable the star of the dish and using the other ingredients to highlight it.  I also really enjoyed the chef’s playful use of texture to add depth to his dishes.  Also, the presentation of the dishes were extremely artistic and the colors of spring really shone through. My only suggestion is that they may want to consider increasing the portion sizes of the dishes, particularly the pasta course.  Even after 7 courses, I was still slightly hungry leaving the restaurant, so I ate a second dessert when I got back to the hotel:)

 My husband really enjoyed his meal as well.  The Canlis salad was very fresh with a generous amount of bacon, his steak was perfectly cooked and the twice baked potato was decadent.

Overall, Canlis does a very good job at making you feel special.  Their 60 years of experience certainly shows in the quality of service.  Their food, however, is not the leat bit dated thanks to a chef who is obviously daring in the kitchen and shows great technique in his use of texture, color and flavor.  All we can hope is that Canlis remains for at least another 60 years and that it continues to evolve with the changes in the culinary tide.

Canlis on Urbanspoon






Monday 18 June 2012

Seattle Snacks!

Top Pot Doughnuts

2124 5th Avenue
(206) 728-1966

As per my husband (I am no doughnut connaiseur!):

Yumminess factor: 4/5

Service: Friendly

Atmosphere: 4/5 (kinda retro)

Locavore approved? Dont' think so- can deep-fried dough really be local?


I am not a doughnut fan but my husband is so we could not leave Seattle without trying Top Doughnuts, especially since it was right next door to our hotel! We had not heard of it before coming to Seattle but the enormous line at the counter spoke for itself.

We asked about top sellers and were recommended the glazed old-fashioned, the maple log or the apple fritter. My husband, being a doughnut purist, went with the old-fashioned. I will sum his thoughts up in one word- yum! What else can be said about homemade fried dough, obviously made with love in this popular Seattle establishment.

Next time we are here, we will also make a return trip to Lola to try their famous mini-doughnuts but for this trip, Top Doughnuts certainly fit the bill!



Emerald City Smoothie

Multiple locations in downtown Seattle

Yumminess factor: 3/5 

Service: Friendly

Atmosphere: In a mall food court...

Locavore approved? Nope. Their menu stays the same all year round


Not wanting to be left out while my husband feasted on his doughnut, I wanted to try one of the juicy creations at Emerald City Smoothie. I spotted this place while walking to the Capitol Hill District yesterday and, being a smoothie lover (see my previous post on Vancouver's Juice Truck) I did not want to miss out. I got the "Slimkin", made with banana, strawberry and pumpkin (I love pumpkin in anything!). At 3.78 taxes in, the price was right and it was tasty, although a little sweet for my liking. I also noticed something that rubbed me the wrong way- as a caution for all those who are calorie conscious, they post the calories and fat for each drink but do not tell you that these are for a 16oz and not their standard 24oz. They will not even offer you a 16oz unless you ask specifically for it as I did. I think this is quite deceptive. While it is not a big deal for me who just wanted a tasty treat, it is not fair to all of those who are trying their hardest to shed a few pounds.  So come on ECS- give people the straight facts so they can make informed choices!

While ECS was a nice refresher on what turned out to be a sunny Seattle day, their smoothies do not compare to those at Whole Foods in Vanny or especially to those at my beloved Juice Truck!



Sunday 17 June 2012

A unique Greek brunch in Seattle


2000 4th Avenue 
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-1430

Yumminess factor: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Atmsphere: 4/5

Locavore approved? Yes, their menu changes seasonally depending on what is in season, they do strive to use local ingredients when possible

After such success at Serious Pie, I was looking forward to trying our second Tom Douglas stop, Lola.  My husband and I have really developed a liking for brunch since moving to Vancouver where it seems as though everywhere offers at least a benny or two. 


Since our dinner reservation was not until 9:30pm (I made my Canlis reservation almost a month ahead of time and that was all that was available), Ih ad booked us in for a late brunch at Lola.  They have a pretty unique brunch menu that has a very Greek influence (kebabs, pita with dips, greek salad) so I thought it might be a change from what we get every weekend at home.


It is a nice and cozy restaurant with big comfortable booths.  Service was friendly and pretty fast. 


My husband started with a Mimosa that he thought had a bit too high champagne:juice ratio although for someone who wants a morning wake-up call, this may be just the ticket.



I had the Tom’s Big Breakfast, which, based on previous reviews, changes every so often to keep it seasonal, earning them “brownie points” in the locavore category.  It is currently composed of blackened octopus, peas, fresh garbanzos and onions.  These are served over a generous helping of creamy greek yogurt spiced with garlic.  On the side are two pieces of toast made at Dahlia Bakery, yet another Tom Douglas place right across the street from Lola.  I really appreciated the use of fresh garbanzos (green instead of the usual beige ones from a can) and the use of local peas (as stated by the waitress).  The octopus, however, was over-blackened which took away from the more subtle flavors of the fresh veggies.  The creamy yogurt at the bottom added a nice textural component.  Overall, I enjoyed the dish but it could have been better without the blackening spice competing with the other flavors. 


My husband had the pancakes with pork sausage and a side of vanilla mascarpone.  The three big pancakes were fluffy and the mascarpone was a nice accompaniment.  The star for him though was the sausage, which had great spice and texture.  Overall, he really enjoyed his meal.



As with Serious Pie, this place is quite accessible to the average Joe for a special treat as the prices are fairly reasonable (entrees average around $15).  Although it did not steal my heart as much as Serious Pie, I can see why this is a popular brunch hangout in Seattle and appreciated the selection of out-of-the-box menu items.

Lola on Urbanspoon 



Hands down, the best pizza in life. Ever.

Serious Pie 

316 Virginia Street, Seattle, WA 98101,
(206) 838-7388 

Yumminess factor: 5/5 (5+/5 based on pizza alone!)

Service: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Locavore approved?: Yes- seasonal ingredients sold at nearby Pike’s Place Market used in starters and on pizzas

Overall: 5/5


With the new Napolean pizza craze that has hit Vancouver in the past couple of years (Nicli, Farina, Novo, Verace, Bibo, and more recently Famosa and La Terrazza), I thought that I had tasted the best of the best short of going to Italy for the real deal.  

Although Vancouver has come a long way in building its pizza repertoire (especially with Nicli and Farina), Serious Pie has taken the lead as my all-time favorite pizza. We arrived in Seattle at 10:30 just in time to get to Serious Poe before it closed at 11pm. Even at this hour, the place was still packed and customers were continuing to walk through the door. My husband was feeling a bit under the weather so we decided to get our to go and bring them back to the hotel.  While waiting for our pizzas, I ordered a started of asparagus with salsa verde and anchovies. The asparagus was of course seasonal and was grown locally as per our server.  While the salsa verde was a bit too "herby" for my liking (holy mint!), the asparagus was prepared beautifully and the anchovies added a welcome salty bite.

For pizzas, I ordered the seasonal pie with spring onions, sheep's milk cheese and organic arugula.  Oh my god- pizza perfection. Heaven on a plate (or in a box in this case!).  The spring onions were plentiful and mild. The sheep's milk cheese was creamy and added just the right amount of saltiness. It was covered in beautiful organic arugula and then topped with a few drops of oil.  The crust was crisp and thin, with beautiful charred edges. This pie left me speechless. Simple, fresh and delicate. Magnificent.


 My husband had their version of a Marguerita with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil. Simplicity at its best.  My husband was most impressed with the tomato sauce, although he cannot really say why. Maybe it is just Serious Pie magic?


The other great thing about Serious Pie is that its prices are very reasonable, making it accessible to most. It offers a casual atmosphere, perfect for a laid-back evening with friends and/or a significant other.

Serious Pie instantly made the 3 and a half hour drive to Seattle was worth it in just one bite. What a way to start the trip- best pizza in life.

Serious Pie on Urbanspoon


Saturday 16 June 2012

Weekend in Seattle- finally!

I have been living in Vancouver now for 2 years and this weekend, I am visiting Seattle for the first time.  This is a long overdue trip- Seattle is only a 3 hour drive away but all of our previous attempts to make it down here have been foiled.  Between my busy call schedule and my husband's unpredictable work hours, it is quite difficult to plan a weekend where we are both free!

Because this is my first forray in Seattle, I put in quite a few hours researching the Seattle food scene so that we could hit the top spots.  Pike Place of course is was a no-brainer of course.  As for restaurants, my final list is as follows:

-Friday dinner- Serious Pie (Tom Douglas)

Saturday am- Coffee Crawl (walking tour by Seattle By Foot tour group)

-Saturday brunch- Lola (another Tom Douglas)

-Sunday dinner- Canlis (a Seattle establishment, over 50 years in business, fine dining)

-Seattle snacks:)

I will be blogging about each of these (I am a bit behind, Seattle eating and exploring have been keeping me busy!) but stay tuned for my two cents worth!



The best ever post-run snack!

My work involves quite a lot of shift work which keeps me up all night.  These nights are a lot easier to handle if I have something special to look forward to the next day after my post-call nap.

Now that spring is upon us, I have a new post-call day tradition of going for a run on the seawall (no where in the world is there such beautiful running routes as Vancouver!) and then heading down to my favorite food truck for my post-run reward.

I discovered the Juice Truck in its early days and was immediately captivated by their creative and healthy juice concoctions.  Coconut meat and milk, cocao nibs, agave, matcha powder, agave- the sky is the limit!  They also have soup in the winter, and now, just hot off the press, the addition of summer salads (have not tried one yet but it is high on the to-do list!).

And to top it all off, these tasty treats are prepared with lots of TLC by the owners, Ryan and Zach, who are always up for a good chat when I pay them a post-run visit.  

Today I had the blueberry matcha with blueberries, matcha powder, cocao nibs, cinnamon and almond milk (as pictured above).  I have tried every single smoothie on the menu and you honestly cannot go wrong with any of them.  My personal favorite is the Almost Chocolate- guaranteed to be better than any chocolate milkshake you ever had!

So if you have not yet paid these guys a visit at their Abbott and Water location in Gastown, why not check it out, even if you are not a runner like me.  Heck, these healthy creations may be just the inspiration you need to run your first 5km!


Friday 15 June 2012

BC on a plate- a locally-sourced fish recipe

My husband and I hosted a dinner party last weekend, giving me the opportnunity to get creative with the bounty of beautiful ingredients that BC has to offer in late-spring.  I try not to get too set on a menu before heading out to the farmer's market to see what ingredients really call out to me.  I usually come up with a general idea of what to cook based on number of guests, likes/dislikes, etc., then allow myself to get inspired.

In the end, I was pleased with how all of the dishes came out (hope my guests were too!), but in the end, the fish I prepared really stole the show for me- Baked sole with arugula-walnut pesto.  Simple, fresh ingredients that married together to make a light, fresh main course.  And the best part- it can be prepared ahead of time so that you can enjoy your guests company when they arrive:)

Here is the recipe:

Fresh BC sole (from Granville Island)- 6 fillet (approximately one lbs)

Pesto: 1/2 cup walnuts, 1/2 cup arugula (from the West End Farmer's market), 3 cloves garlic, olive oil to moisten, salt and pepper

3 tomatoes (BC hot-house tomatoes from Granville Island)

6 springs of rosemary

Salt and pepper

To prepare: Mix together all ingredients for pesto in food processor.  Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper.  Thinly slice tomatoes and place over fish (approx. 3 pieces/fillet).  Divide the pesto evenly between the fillets (over the tomoatoes).  Place rosemary at the bottom of a large baking dish and lay fish over top.  Bake on 350 for 15-20 minutes just until the fish flakes apart.  

If this looks yummy to you, make it now before the ingredients are out of season and you must wait until next year!

Sunday 10 June 2012

The new hot spot in town- Fable

      On the day of my blogging debut, I would like to share my most recent dining experience:

     Last weekend, I had the good fortune of dining at the hot new West 4th restaurant Fable, featuring Canada's Top Chef runner-up Trevor Bird.  I posted this review on Urbanspoon right after our meal there last Saturday night:

My husband and I had been to Fable during their soft opening for an informal get-together to watch the second last "Top Chef" episode (on which Trevor made it into the finale with flying colors) and now, two days after its official opening, we went back for his tasting menu.We are not usually early eaters but we jumped at the chance to dine at 5:30 when things would still be quiet enough for us to sit at the bar right in front of the kitchen and be treated to his tasting menu. The place was absolutely rocking by 6:30 so it is very understandable that they are unable to accommodate this request later on a weekend night.They have done an excellent job of transforming this place into casual and comfortable room that made us feel very much at home. This "homey" feel was reinforced by the terrific staff, from the very friendly maitre d' to Trevor and his kitchen staff who we had the pleasure of chatting with during our meal from out perch at the bar in front of the kitchen. This was a real treat after following him and his fellow competitors on Top Chef for the past 12 weeks.From watching the show, we know that Trevor is innovative and can create stunning dishes but of course we could only imagine what the food actually tasted like. The food that we were served tonight certainly surpassed anything that I could possibly imagine. The meal began with a fresh oyster with vodka and grapefruit as the Amuse. The next course was the Chickpea Fritter appetizer, made with chunks of chickpea and mushroom, covered with a creamy sauce and delicious pickled onions. It reminded me of the most refined of falafel- yum! The next dish was a masterpiece- tuna with lemon and other spices poached in the mason jar in which it is served. It comes with a few small pieces of bread that act as vehicles to get that heavenly tuna into your mouth. We then went onto two of the mains- halibut and salmon for me (a pescatarian) and halibut and duck for my husband. Both pieces of fish were cooked PERFECTLY, something that many restaurants (even the most highly regarded) are unable to achieve. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The salmon was served with the lightest, fluffiest gnocci I have ever had and the halibut came atop a very flavorful bowl of chowder complete with wonderfully plump mussels. For dessert, we were treated to two dishes from Curtis (another Top Chef contestant). One was a lemon crema and the other, a delightful rhubarb cake. I do not usually order dessert but was very glad to have tasted these delicious creations!

The bottom line is that these guys have something great going on here- the highest quality food that you enjoy in a place where you feel you are among friends. I believe this is the first time I have made my next reservation at a restaurant right after finishing my first meal there- it was so great that we already have our table reserved for this coming Friday! No matter what the outcome of the Top Chef finale on Monday, Trevor and his team will no doubt remain the Top Chef here in Vancouver !


      Even a week later, I am just as excited about the culinary talent of chef Trevor and his team. If you have not yet had a chance to taste some of their delicious offering, I suggest a visit in the near future- this place is heating up fast and reservations will be much in demand!      


My first post!

     So here it is, my blog debut!  I now have over 50 restaurant reviews on Urbanspoon (see link below to check them out!) and decided that it was time to take to take it to the next level by sharing my food experiences through my own blog.

     I moved to Vancouver two years ago and have since fallen head over heels for this amazing city. Amazing scenery, great people and of course, fantastic food!  Vancouvers's food scene centers around local, fresh ingredients, which is completely in line with my own food philosophy.  

    My dining out "wishlist" is still pages long so stay tuned to find out about my upcoming food adventures!!!


Link to my 50+ Urbanspoon reviews: