Saturday, 23 June 2012

I heart Whole Foods!

OK, so maybe my husband is right.  I am just a little bit obsessed with Whole Foods.  Or a lot obsessed.  There are not too many days of my life that go by without a visit to either Whole Foods Cambie or Capers on West 4th (Capers is a Vancouver chain taken over by WF several years ago). My day just not feel complete until I do so.  Sad but true.

Among the many things I love aboout Whole Foods (I will save my "reasons I love WF" post for another day), I very much appreciate their interest in supporting the local farmers.  They always have a large selection of BC produce which is usually displayed at the front of the store with signs telling you exactly what place (and sometimes even what farm) the item came from.  Perfect for a locavore like me!

On my most recent visit to WF (today), I noticed this really neat wall that they have created that displays all of their current local items.  What an awesome idea!  Go to the wall before you start shopping and let your creative juices flow as you think of dishes to prepare with these fresh, local ingredients!  My only recommendation is to put this display right in the entrance so that shoppers see in when they walk through the door and be immediately inspired to buy local.

Way to go WF!  Keep up the great work!



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