Saturday, 16 June 2012

The best ever post-run snack!

My work involves quite a lot of shift work which keeps me up all night.  These nights are a lot easier to handle if I have something special to look forward to the next day after my post-call nap.

Now that spring is upon us, I have a new post-call day tradition of going for a run on the seawall (no where in the world is there such beautiful running routes as Vancouver!) and then heading down to my favorite food truck for my post-run reward.

I discovered the Juice Truck in its early days and was immediately captivated by their creative and healthy juice concoctions.  Coconut meat and milk, cocao nibs, agave, matcha powder, agave- the sky is the limit!  They also have soup in the winter, and now, just hot off the press, the addition of summer salads (have not tried one yet but it is high on the to-do list!).

And to top it all off, these tasty treats are prepared with lots of TLC by the owners, Ryan and Zach, who are always up for a good chat when I pay them a post-run visit.  

Today I had the blueberry matcha with blueberries, matcha powder, cocao nibs, cinnamon and almond milk (as pictured above).  I have tried every single smoothie on the menu and you honestly cannot go wrong with any of them.  My personal favorite is the Almost Chocolate- guaranteed to be better than any chocolate milkshake you ever had!

So if you have not yet paid these guys a visit at their Abbott and Water location in Gastown, why not check it out, even if you are not a runner like me.  Heck, these healthy creations may be just the inspiration you need to run your first 5km!


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