Friday, 22 June 2012

New-Smoothie-at-Juice-Truck Alert!

The trek down to the Juice Truck from St. Paul's Hospital gave me just enough time to decide on what "smoothie mood" I was in.  It had to be the Hybrid- on the lighter end of their smoothie spectrum with a nice touch of cinnamon. 

But little did I know that the JT boys would throw a wrench into my plans with- "The Glove"!  I pretty much know their menu off by heart so this really threw me for a loop.  A new smoothie, yea!  They had just introduced the ONE Coconut so I did not expect another new concoction so soon!  As soon as I read the ingresdients, it was clear that the Hybrid would have to wait for another day. Pear, banana, cocao nibs, vanilla and almond milk- yummo!!!

And my taste buds were not dissapointed.  If you have not had The Glove yet, get down to your local Juice Truck asap!  Not only is this smoothie delicious but a portion of every one sold goes to support a local boxing club that is in danger of being shut down (get it, The Glove?). 

Thanks for another great smoothie creation guys!  Yet another success!

Here is the Glove in the plastic container that I bring when I go to visit.  Why not think about bringing your own cup on your next visit?  If you are nice to them, they may even give you a Juice Truck sticker to put on it:)

P.S: Did you know that the JT is now doing salads too?  They purchase them from a friend who is equally into fresh, local, healthy foods.  Unfortunately, they were all sold out by the time I got there but they look amazing.  Cannot wait to try one!!!

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