Monday, 18 June 2012

Seattle Snacks!

Top Pot Doughnuts

2124 5th Avenue
(206) 728-1966

As per my husband (I am no doughnut connaiseur!):

Yumminess factor: 4/5

Service: Friendly

Atmosphere: 4/5 (kinda retro)

Locavore approved? Dont' think so- can deep-fried dough really be local?


I am not a doughnut fan but my husband is so we could not leave Seattle without trying Top Doughnuts, especially since it was right next door to our hotel! We had not heard of it before coming to Seattle but the enormous line at the counter spoke for itself.

We asked about top sellers and were recommended the glazed old-fashioned, the maple log or the apple fritter. My husband, being a doughnut purist, went with the old-fashioned. I will sum his thoughts up in one word- yum! What else can be said about homemade fried dough, obviously made with love in this popular Seattle establishment.

Next time we are here, we will also make a return trip to Lola to try their famous mini-doughnuts but for this trip, Top Doughnuts certainly fit the bill!



Emerald City Smoothie

Multiple locations in downtown Seattle

Yumminess factor: 3/5 

Service: Friendly

Atmosphere: In a mall food court...

Locavore approved? Nope. Their menu stays the same all year round


Not wanting to be left out while my husband feasted on his doughnut, I wanted to try one of the juicy creations at Emerald City Smoothie. I spotted this place while walking to the Capitol Hill District yesterday and, being a smoothie lover (see my previous post on Vancouver's Juice Truck) I did not want to miss out. I got the "Slimkin", made with banana, strawberry and pumpkin (I love pumpkin in anything!). At 3.78 taxes in, the price was right and it was tasty, although a little sweet for my liking. I also noticed something that rubbed me the wrong way- as a caution for all those who are calorie conscious, they post the calories and fat for each drink but do not tell you that these are for a 16oz and not their standard 24oz. They will not even offer you a 16oz unless you ask specifically for it as I did. I think this is quite deceptive. While it is not a big deal for me who just wanted a tasty treat, it is not fair to all of those who are trying their hardest to shed a few pounds.  So come on ECS- give people the straight facts so they can make informed choices!

While ECS was a nice refresher on what turned out to be a sunny Seattle day, their smoothies do not compare to those at Whole Foods in Vanny or especially to those at my beloved Juice Truck!



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