Sunday, 17 June 2012

A unique Greek brunch in Seattle


2000 4th Avenue 
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-1430

Yumminess factor: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Atmsphere: 4/5

Locavore approved? Yes, their menu changes seasonally depending on what is in season, they do strive to use local ingredients when possible

After such success at Serious Pie, I was looking forward to trying our second Tom Douglas stop, Lola.  My husband and I have really developed a liking for brunch since moving to Vancouver where it seems as though everywhere offers at least a benny or two. 


Since our dinner reservation was not until 9:30pm (I made my Canlis reservation almost a month ahead of time and that was all that was available), Ih ad booked us in for a late brunch at Lola.  They have a pretty unique brunch menu that has a very Greek influence (kebabs, pita with dips, greek salad) so I thought it might be a change from what we get every weekend at home.


It is a nice and cozy restaurant with big comfortable booths.  Service was friendly and pretty fast. 


My husband started with a Mimosa that he thought had a bit too high champagne:juice ratio although for someone who wants a morning wake-up call, this may be just the ticket.



I had the Tom’s Big Breakfast, which, based on previous reviews, changes every so often to keep it seasonal, earning them “brownie points” in the locavore category.  It is currently composed of blackened octopus, peas, fresh garbanzos and onions.  These are served over a generous helping of creamy greek yogurt spiced with garlic.  On the side are two pieces of toast made at Dahlia Bakery, yet another Tom Douglas place right across the street from Lola.  I really appreciated the use of fresh garbanzos (green instead of the usual beige ones from a can) and the use of local peas (as stated by the waitress).  The octopus, however, was over-blackened which took away from the more subtle flavors of the fresh veggies.  The creamy yogurt at the bottom added a nice textural component.  Overall, I enjoyed the dish but it could have been better without the blackening spice competing with the other flavors. 


My husband had the pancakes with pork sausage and a side of vanilla mascarpone.  The three big pancakes were fluffy and the mascarpone was a nice accompaniment.  The star for him though was the sausage, which had great spice and texture.  Overall, he really enjoyed his meal.



As with Serious Pie, this place is quite accessible to the average Joe for a special treat as the prices are fairly reasonable (entrees average around $15).  Although it did not steal my heart as much as Serious Pie, I can see why this is a popular brunch hangout in Seattle and appreciated the selection of out-of-the-box menu items.

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