Saturday 16 March 2013

Winter Farmer's Market: Building the Perfect Salad from the Ground Up!

A little rain didn't keep people away from Nat Bailey Stadium this morning, and how could it?  There is way too many treasures waiting to be discovered (and eaten!).

Salads appear on our table almost every night now and we like to get creative!  The market provides the perfect opportunity to choose from a wide variety of greens.  Who needs boring old iceberg or romaine?

And don't stop there!  Layer that salad up with interesting toppings for more palate-pleasing flavor!

Layer 1: Greens

This week, I visited Sole Food Urban Farms, who specialize in greens and root veg.  They have an amazing deal- 3 bags of greens mix and match, for $12!  I chose two bags of their winter lettuce (delicate and light) to mix with a bag of the spinach (hearty and full).  These friendly guys will tell you all you need to know about each and let you sample a leaf or two:)

Layer 2: Color

Winter and fall brings a bounty of vegetables that are not only delicious but also beautiful.  I just love the color combination of squash and beet.  I roast up some beets and squash in the oven together (a little S&P, beets on top and squash on bottom) and toss a few pieces on top of my greens.  The colors are stunning!

Layer 3: Sprouts

These nutrition powerhouses pack a healthy punch of many different nutrients while giving your salad a little crunch.  Although they look a little like grass, do not be fooled- these will surely add a whole new dimension of flavor to spice up any salad!

Today, I gravitated toward the incredible selection of sprouts at Shalefield Organic Garden.  They have a table filled with an assortment of different sprout mixes to suit everyone!  And sampling before buying is recommended so you can find the right one for you.

Layer 4: Topper

After hearing that the man behind Granola King will be appearing on one of our favorite shows, Dragon's Den, next weekend, I had to pay him a visit to see what goodies he had to offer.  Although I expected to find delicious cereal (which of course I did), I also unexpectedly found a new salad topper , bursting with flavor and health benefits.  The Omega Mix is a medley of almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds all ground up fine.  Sprinkle it on anything from cereal to roast veggies to, of course, salads for a nice nutty kick.  Can't wait to try it!!!

Here is the final results.  Delicious:)

So why not come down to Nat Bailey Stadium next week and and start building your perfect salad!  The sky is the limit!

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