Monday 18 March 2013

"A Latte for Here Please" Part 2: Milano Gastown

36 Powell St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-0999

Overall ratings (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent):

Caffeinated beverages- Very good 

(see below)

Space- Excellent

(impressive- very spacious, modern with clean lines, nicely-matched furniture) 

Table availability- Excellent

(there between 9am and 1pm; LOTS of tables with seating, some communal)

Seat comfort- Fair

(many stools without backs, and most chairs with backs are deep such that sitting forward to work on your laptop will get uncomfortable)

Internet availability- Excellent

(password protected, fast)

Laptop plug-ins- Excellent

Noise level- quiet to moderate 

Attitude toward "perchers"- Excellent

(VERY friendly here, they even told me I was welcome to "set up my office" here)

Today's pick for my morning work session was Milano, a Vancouver coffee establishment with 4 locations, opened this newest location in Gastown about a year and a half ago.  Milano specializes in Italian coffee.  They differentiate themselves by offering up to eight different varieties of espresso and use the Italian method of making coffee (pouring hot water over the beans through a filter).  

I had a very productive morning at Milano, thanks to the great atmosphere that is suited for working.  The room is very large so the tables and high tables with stools are spread out enough that you can enjoy relative peace and quiet.  The lovely decor makes this a very pleasant place to perch.

I ordered my new standard, an almond milk latte.  I always give kudos to those who offer almond milk and not just soy.  I have no aversion to dairy, I just love the flavor of almond milk as a latte base.  My latte was served a nice large-rimmed mug, which I love, but I would have preferred a bit more foam.  A little latte art would have been a nice touch too:)  Overall though, I quite enjoyed it, and the espresso was lovely.  

After Nelson at Seagull and Milano, I am now batting two for two in Gastown!  I am certainly up for a return visit to Milano soon!  Highly recommended as a great place for productivity:)

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