Friday 22 March 2013

"A Latte for Here Please" Part 5: Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe

2150 Fir Street, Vancouver BC V6J 3B5

Overall ratings (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent):

Caffeinated beverages- Very good

Food- Excellent 

Space- Good
(very pleasant space with fresh, clean look but VERY tiny with many seats crammed in to try to accommodate the increasing number of customers, some outside seating as well)

Table availability- poor
(see above- small space for lots and lots of customers, so very cramped)

Seat comfort- Fair
(comfortable seats at individual tables but you will be VERY lucky to snag one of these and will likely end up sitting on a backless stool)

Laptop plugins- poor 
(did not see any...)

Internet connection- No Internet

Noise- moderate
(small room so you hear all conversations next to you)

Attitude toward "perchers"- Good
(staff is pleasant despite being very busy)

I have already done a full review of Beaucoup (see previous review done in February) and this is an update to give my views on Beaucoup as a place to curl up with a laptop.

I went to Beaucoup with my laptop in tow one afternoon when I was craving their AMAZING tropical scone (I raved about them in my last review and still cannot stop dreaming of them!).  And, thank goodness, the scones are incredible as ever:)

I also had a lovely latte.  It was very smooth and had a good amount of foam.  They offer an 8oz size which is perfect for a little afternoon pick-me-up.  The advantage to having your latte in is the little bite-size wafer served on the side.  What a nice touch!  What I also thought was pretty neat was the house-made syrups that are on the counter for customers to add a little extra flavor to their drinks.  No synthetic syrups here, just the real deal.  Very original.

The bottom line is that Beaucoup serves high-quality food and beverage but, although it is called a Cafe, it is no meant for long work sessions or meetings.  To sit with a friend for 15 minutes is nice if you are fortunate enough to snag a table, but hopefully the table situation will improve when the nice weather comes and customers can gather outside.  The volume of customers speaks to its excellent product and, while I will not be returning with my laptop again, I will DEFINATELY be coming back to sample more of their tasty offerings:)

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