Tuesday 19 March 2013

"A Latte for Here Please" Part 3: Musette

1262 Burrard Street
VancouverBC V6E 4L8
(604) 336-1159

Overall ratings (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent):

Caffeinated beverages- Very good
(see below)

Food- Excellent
(see below)

Space- Very good
(perhaps not as esthetically pleasing as others, but this is a cyclist's haven- biking paraphernalia galore!

Table availability- Excellent
(smaller individual tables by the door and large row tables at the back where you can happily spread out  all of your papers)

Seat comfort- Good
(metal seats are a bit hard, but they have nice backs and do not rock)

Internet availability- Excellent
(password protected, fast and consistent)

Laptop plug-ins- Very good
(there are a few beside the row table, with a few being used by the store for their laptop that projects biking races on the wall)

Noise- quiet to moderate
(earlier in the morning it was busy but most people take drinks to go, and at times I was the only one there)

Attitude toward "perchers"- Excellent
(staff are very friendly and the owner even delivers your coffee personally to your table.  It seems that the more often you visit, the friendlier you will be as they were regularly chatting with regulars)

Musette is certainly the most unique of the coffee hotspots I have hit to date.  It is truly a cyclist's haven.  First outside, a dedicated place to park your bike outside and then (a sign in the window says only half jokingly "bikes, no cars allowed") and inside, biking paraphernalia from floor to ceiling and biking racing projected on the main wall.

I love spinning and go at least 3-4 times/week, but I am not an outdoor rider.  So when I first walked in and saw all of the customers dressed in their spandex and helmets, I felt like a bit of an imposter.  This sentiment was fortunately, short-lived as the staff, including the owner, were all very friendly and welcoming.  Throughout the morning, they were constantly chatting with customers who were obviously regulars, many who were cyclists but some who were not.  They obviously take pride in treating all of their customers well.

I ordered my regular, an almond milk latte (kudos to them for having almond milk!).  They use the 49th Parallel product here which is always a good choice.  My latte was quite good, with a nice rich flavor.  A little more foam would have been nice, but overall it was very well done and beautifully presented.

Even if you do not like coffee, you MUST come here to try some of their tasty food offerings.  They have amazing baked goods (a bought my hubby their salted chocolate cookie and it was to die for, oh so gooey!) and also, surprisingly, as whole menu of breakfast and lunch items, as well as smoothies!  I was won over by the Power Chia Snack on the breakfast menu, which was a mixture of chia and almond milk, with spices, dried cranberries and a almond and pistachio topping.  So original, so healthy and so tasty!  It was just the thing to fuel me for my noon spin class!

So if you have not already discovered Musette, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.  Great coffee, amazing food and a very welcoming vibe.  I cannot wait to return!

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