Thursday 21 March 2013

"A Latte for Here Please" Part 4: Coffeebar

10 Water St  Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4
(604) 566-9693

Overall Rating (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent):
Caffeinated beverages- Fair

(see below)

Food- N/A 
(did not get order food)

Space- Very good
(large room, lots of space between tables, nice big windows, a bit bare)Table availability- Excellent
(lots of seating available, including individual tables for one and large tables for two, plus banquets and window seating)

Seat comfort- Good

(a lot of variability in seats between chairs and banquets, but most chairs could use higher backs and have wooden seats)

Internet connection- Excellent

(password protected, fast)

Noise- quiet to moderate
(there in the late morning, many people having meetings, large size of room makes the noise level seemingly less)

Attitude towards "perchers"- Very good
(they were not overly friendly at the counter, but they certainly do not seem to mind people sticking around for a few hour, most people there alone were working away on laptops)

Coffeebar is yet another coffee establishment located in the heart of Gastown. They also have another location in West Vancouver.  Located right on Water St., they are easier to stumble across than the others and have their eye-catching sign out front.

Coffeebar is less intimate than some of the other Gastown joints (Revolver, Nelson at Seagull) and has a bit more of a corporate, cookie-cutter feel to it (less hipster). Having said that, what they do have going for them is LOTS of seating with many options to choose from (small round tables, larger rectangle tables, and banquets) so there is something to suit every purpose.

They use largely 49th Parallel product here.  I had an almond milk latte and, although I give them kudos for having almond milk, I found this latte to be inferior to the others I have had so far in Gastown.  It tasted a bit "water-y", and the milk seemed slightly burnt.  The latte art was very pretty however.

I never tried any food on this visit, but they have a wider assortment of food here than other places, including cookies (a whole glass case full), some pastries (no sweet scones unfortunately) and sandwiches made to order.

Overall, I would say that this place is less about putting out exceptional coffee, and more about providing a space for Gastown folk to get together for meetings, or come solo to get some work done.  Therefore, for the purpose of "perching", it is just the ticket as you will likely always get a table to your liking, but you will have to sacrifice a little in the way of character and coffee craftsmanship.

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