Monday, 10 June 2013

Crepe Heaven at La Creperie Boheme

It saddens me to think of the number of times I have walked past La Creperie Boheme at the Farmer's Market and have not stood in line (however long!) to wrap my hands around one of their handmade crepes.  And I ask myself why?  Why have I waited until today to take the dive into one of these little delicacy?  I am not sure that I will ever be able to answer this question, but I hope that you will learn from my mistake and try one of their crepes at your first possible opportunity!

And this is an opportunity that you will have to seek out as you will not find a website, a facebook page or even a twitter link.  If you google them, you will come up with a few Yelp and food blogger reviews, and that is about it!  But I think this is all part of their charm!  They remain a little hidden secret of the Vancouver Farmer's Markets (the only place you will find them) for all dedicated market goers like me:)

Their colorful truck will catch your eye from a distance, as will the ever-long line-up!  And you must be patient- these crepes are quite intricate and take a while to make.  But as eager as I was to sink my teeth into my long-awaited crepe, I could have spent hours watching them preparing my crepe, layer by layer, ingredients by ingredient.  It was mesmerizing!

These are not your run-of-the-mill crepes by any means.  While some are more straightforward (ham and cheese, greens and cheese), others are made of very unique combinations of ingredients that are local and seasonal, many of which are from the market.  And they are not stingy with the toppings at all!  The ingredients are layered on carefully, one by one, with tender loving care, and then folded into a thin yet hearty buckwheat crepe.  It is a veritable work of art:)

After major deliberation, I chose the Spinach Sunflower, complete with their own bechamel sauce, tomtato, heaps of iron-packed steamed spinach, beautiful goat cheese, crunchy sunflower seeds and then completed with a mound of fresh greens dressed with vinaigrette.  I was chatting with some Boheme regulars in line who keep coming back for more (why wouldn't you?).  They ordered the Chevre (likely my choice for next time- sweet caramelized onions and goat cheese!) and another quite unique crepe (the name escapes me) with  smoked marlin- fancy that!
Sunflower spinach

Le Chevre
For those who have room for dessert, there are also a variety of sweet crepes available.  I have no doubt that these are delicious too and should not be passed up by anyone with a sweet tooth:)

What a great find this is, and it is yet another reason to come down to the weekend Vancouver Farmers Markets scattered all around Vancouver!  Check out the Vancouver Farmer's Market website  ( to find the Market nearest you and learn which vendors will be at each location.  

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