Thursday, 27 August 2015


-2 by four little space, maybe 20 seats if that
-operated by 1 main server, plus one other who brought my water at the beginning of the meal (must spend rest of her time at the back)
-2 chefs (or was it one?)
-so small that I ended up getting invited to join the table next to me at the end of the evening and we closed the place down!

-outdoor sign that simply says "Ravintola" (glad I had read this in advance, be prepared!)

-need to thank this blogger- XXX- for pointing me in the direction of Kuurna, would have NEVER known about it otherwise

Short menu- changes every other week
Chilled cauliflower buttermilk soup
Perch tartar, crayfish oil
Confit gizzards,pickled chantarel

Forest mushrooms, green bean pesto
Fish of the day, brown butter and fresh tomato sauce
Crispy pork belly, black currant salsa

Chocolate mousse,sauted apricots
Almond cake, gooseberry parfait
Sorrel slush,caramel and berries
Plus one each of daily starter and main (on my visit, a steak tartare and a steak main

Fairly extensive wine list for such a small space (where do they keep it all???) and a few wines by the glass on the "chalkboard" pillar.  Having said that, my server paired both of my courses for me, one of which was a rose advertised by the glass, and another white to go with my fish happy that was not. Just ask what he suggests, he CLEARLY knows his stuff!  The Rose pairing with my mushrooms (which I was a little iffy about) was phenomenal.

Perch Tartare- simply divine.  Freshest of fish, pretty much unaltered- would have been a shame had it been tampered with.  Served on a mix of tender mild sorrel.  Very generous portion of fish for a tartare

To this day, I maintain that this was one of the best vegetarian entree of my life.  Cannot begin to describe how delicious the forest mushrooms were (Helsinki is known for its nearby forests with abundant berries and mushrooms).  Have never tasted a mushroom quite that delicious, especially after it was saut√©ed in a bit of butter.   Then topped with lavish dollops of green pea pesto- perfectly seasoned, bursting with flavours that I could never do justice to if I tried to describe.  Loved the addition of crisp green beans sitting at the bottom of the plate, as well as perfectly cooked potatoes that were a perfect vehicle to soak up any remaining pesto.  This dish really knocked my socks off.  If every vegetarian dish tasted like this, the whole world would be vegetarian in a heartbeat!

To all foodies- your life may not be complete without coming here.  I want to spread the word far and wide about this place, as it deserves far more accolades than it will likely ever receive.  Considered cancelling my Michelin star meal to go back and have the exact same dishes (the litmus test!).  Just please, take my word for it and go!

All for 53 euros which is an absolute steal in Helsinki standards.  

***look at links on its website

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