Saturday 27 May 2017

A Must-Go in Tofino: Wolf in the Fog

Reservations required?  YES- With all of the great press this place has been getting, you had better book ahead to avoid disappointment, especially in the summer months.  We booked a month ahead (albeit on the May long weekend) and could only snag a 10pm reso.  Walks ins are accepted, but I would not take chances!

Atmosphere: Wolf in the Fog has the perfect balance- not too fancy for ultracasual Tofino yet still very smartly decorated to make you feel like you are having a special night out.  Dress remains very low-key (who wants to get all dressed up after surfing the whole day?) so no need to stray far from jeans and a t-shirt.  The room is divided into tow levels, with a bar on the lower floor and a sizeable dining room with a large patio for additional outdoor seating above.  There is also a very well-stocked bar on the far wall just adjacent to the semi-open kitchen.  There are tables for two and four, as well as a large communal table through the middle to increase dining capacity.  Decor is quite simple, with lots of wood and beach/surfing-inspired photography.  All plates are charmingly mismatched (apparently staff pick them up at local flee markets on their days off) and waitstaff are dressed in all different patterns of plaid.

Service: The service at Wolf in the Fog was particularly noteworthy, thanks in large part to our excellent server.  Despite it being their busiest nights of 2017, our server remained extremely energetic, enthusiastic and passionate from the beginning to the end of our meal.  He had a wealth of knowledge about the food and the wine, and was able to rhyme off every ingredient in every dish without the blink of an eye.  Even with the packed house, our food came out in good time and we were checked in on often.

Food/drink: Wolf in the Fog has an impressive drink list.  It starts with a thoughtful and well composed bar list with everything from creative house cocktails to "dressed up brews" (beer cocktails) to dessert cocktails and, most notably, their punch bowls which couples can drink simultaneously through straws on either side.  They also have a sophisticated wine list with a great selection of wines from all over BC.
The menu can be tackled in many ways.  Diners can opt to order a small plate and a main for themselves, or order a bunch of dishes to share.  The menu is divided into "snacks" (don't let this fool you, some of these are still pretty sizeable), "small plates", "plates to share" (the largest, all meat and fish dishes) and sides.  There are a number of vegetarian options offered, including the "green soul" (a vegetarian daily creation) and a small dessert menu.  And don't forget the "six pack for the kitchen"  that will garner you a loud cheer from the kitchen!

Here are the dishes we enjoyed (sorry, so were taken after we had already dug in!

Cedar Sour- cedar infused rye, lemon, thyme, egg white

Samosa- nettle & english pea, chutney

Black Apron Beef Tartare- matsutake mushrooms, radish, black garlic

Bread with goat cheese and olive hummus

Chopped Kale & Grains- nuts, seeds, fresh cheese, camelina dressing

Hot Smoked Char- asparagus, ramps, creme fraiche, roe, crouton

Spruce Cured Tuna- radish, spruce mayo, cucumber, lemon olive oil

Overall Verdict?
Wolf in the Fog deserves every ounce of the hype it is getting in the foodie news.  They have managed to keep themselves approachable (important in ultra laid back Tofino) while making food that is exciting and expertly executed.  They are lucky to have such great ingredients to work with on Vancouver Island and we are lucky that they know how to make them shine.
There are so many great reasons to travel to Tofino and Wolf in the Fog is definitely one of them!

Wolf in the Fog Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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