Sunday, 21 July 2013

Which Scone Gets the Throne II- New Front Runners!

So nothing has changed since my first post on the best Vancouver scones (see here for the yummy details!).  I still LOVE scones and am still on the hunt for new stand-out scones in Vancouver and beyond!

Since my initial post, I have eaten plenty more scones from Purebread (my treat every weekend at the Van Farmer's Market!), Creme de la Crumb (my favourite post-call pastry) and Beaucoup (yummmm..tropical scone...) and have also been fortunate enough to add some new favourites to the ever-growing list.  Here are my new tasty scones discoveries:

1. Butter Baked Goods- I have sang the praises of Butter in my recent post about MacKenzie Heights (see here) and, after enjoying a few more of their scones, I feel the need to once again spread the word about frickin awesome these things are (I am actually eating one as I write this post!).  They have offer a new variety of scone everyday (lemon thyme, cherry dark chocolate, apricot almond, etc.), all baked into the same buttery scone base.  The sides are wonderfully crispy and the inside is soft and pillowy.  And for a little extra decadence, there is always a sprinkle of sugar over the top.  This drool-worthy scone is quickly making it to the top of my all-time favourites list!

 2. Forty Ninth Parallel- This hip coffee joint with its original location on Main and now its brand new location in Kits, offers amazing coffee and has also become known for its Lucky's doughnuts.  But what some may not be not know is that they also make pretty fantastic scone.  They offer both a savoury and sweet variety, which both seem to sell out before noon.  My personal favourite is the ginger-currant scone, chock-full of sweet currants and spicy candied ginger, all topped off with a new favourite scone trend, the sugar sprinkle.  And to go with it, why not try an almond milk latte made with their homemade almond milk?  I can't think of any better way to start the day!

3. Salt Spring Island Coffee Company- I recently went to a Yoga retreat on Salt Spring for a weekend of relaxation and adventure.  While I was there, I had the pleasure of having an afternoon snack at Salt Spring Island Coffee company.   I was quite hungry after my long bike ride and what better to fill my belly than a banana blueberry scone?  Salt Spring makes a variety of fruity scones, using everything from bananas, to berries, to mango.  There are big chunks of fruit throughout the scone which makes the scones wonderfully moist.  These are perfect for an early morning when one is craving something a little less sweet.  A trip to Salt Spring might be worth it, just to get one of these scones!

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