Sunday 14 July 2013

Food Cart Fest- A New Sunday Tradition!

Today was my third Food Cart Fest (FTF) in four weeks.  So it is no secret that I LOVE FOOD TRUCK FEST!

I have already described the event in detail in previous posts (see here for the original post and here for the second visit) but have two quick additional comments after Visit #3 today:

1) Kudos to the organizers of FTF for collecting $2/visitor at the entrance to donate to Loving Spoonfuls, a wonderful Vancouver charity that provides nutritious meal for people living with HIV/AIDS.  What a great way to fundraise for such a worthy cause.

2) I would like to applaud all of the food cart owners who are so busy preparing food for line-ups of hungry customers in the scorching afternoon heat.  It must be pretty darn hot in those cramped little kitchens but they are still amazingly all smiles when they hand you your food!

3) One of the best things about the third go-around was the "Great to see you again" that I got from several vendors as they recognized me from week's past.  Awww, thanks guys!  It is like one big happy food cart family!

Here are today's picks, as ordered by Hubby, myself, our two friends and their VERY cute baby:

Johnny's Pops:

Mango Coconut Pop- Johnny's has become our first stop on our visit to make our mouths happy before waiting in line for the rest of our food!

JJ Trucketeria: 

Market Bowl (my all-time favourite Food Cart item to date!)- brought it home in my Tiffin Box for dinner:)

Pork Panwich- my friend loved the flavours and the awesome value in this sandwich (only 5$!).  Way more pork than bun!

Pig on the Street

The Porker- Hubby convinced our friend to order this from his very favourite food cart.  Not much arm twisting required!


Fried chicken (sorry, cannot remember the name they use!)- Hubby saw Mogu at last week's FCF and vowed to try it this week.  He loved the crispy exterior on these plump chicken pieces, as well as the tasty sauce!

Kaboom Box

Oyster Po-Boy- This is likely Kaboom Box's most famous item and it is easy to tell why!  My friend was swooning over this sandwich, with its fried oysters and creamy slaw!

Corn Stand (not sure if this is the official name!)

Cuban Corn- This may have been one of the best ears of corn I have ever tasted.  Topped with mayo, cheese and parmesan seasoning, it is a little on the decadent side but oh so worth it!!!

Culver City Salad

Soba Nooodle Salad- Last but certainly not least, is my awesome salad and very healthy salad from the smiling ladies at Culver City.  Also looking very pretty in her Tiffin Box;)

See ya next week FCF!!!

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  1. Those all look mouthwatering! I guess it's worth every penny that you spent. I won't dare ask you how the experience was. It's obvious that you enjoyed every spoonful. Haha!