Sunday, 4 November 2012

The neatest thing since sliced bread: The Tiffin Project

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Really cool idea alert!!!

My husband and I decided to have a takeout night over the weekend (too rainy to go outside!) and went to our go to take-out go-to joint, Noodle Box.  While waiting in line for our take-out order, I noticed a sign that was posted near the counter about the Tiffin Project.  Upon seeing the word “local” on the sign, I was intrigued to learn more. 

The Tiffin Project Foundation is a non-for-profit organization based in Vancouver.  Its aim is to cut down on the waste generated by take-out containers.  As one can imagine, take-out containers are a HUGE source of waste everywhere across the world.  Furthermore, with the rise of food trucks here in Vancouver and in many major centers across North America, the problem will likely get even worse.  Unlike our European friends who actually sit down to enjoy meals (what a novel concept!), many of us North Americans eat on the run for the sake of efficiency.  Although “eating on the run” no doubt contributes to the obesity epidemic through unhealthy “convenient” food choices and overeating, it is sadly a reality of our society and it is important at least try minimize the environmental footprint that comes with it. 

So here is the low-down on this genius project.  For $25, we, the consumers of take-out items, purchase durable metal container for our future take-out purchases.  Bring it the next time you eat out at one of the partner restaurants (see a current complete list from the Tiffin website at: and you will get a discount on your meal AND not have to throw any packaging out after your meal.  Isn’t this thing nifty?


And guess what?  There is also a partitioned container that is also available for the same price. Gotta get one for myself ASAP! 


And the Tiffin Project does not stop here.  From the $25 that you lay for the container, $4 will go towards “re-localizing” the menus at participating restaurants.  “Re-localizing” means that restaurants will develop relationship with local farmers to that they use more local ingredients in their menus.  This “farm to table” approach is a win-win for everyone- local farmers have opportunities to sell their food, we the consumers will be treated to the freshest possible ingredients and we will cut down on the carbon footprint.  Just makes sense, right?

So don’t delay!  Go right away and pick up your Tiffin container and then treat yourself to a yummy take-out meal sans waste!  Your friendly local farmers (and your tastebuds!) will thank you!


For more information on the Tiffin project and where you can pick up your container, see their website:




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