Saturday, 20 October 2012

Au revoir Van Farmer's Market!

It is with much sorrow that I write this blog post, on this, the last weekend for the Van Farmer's Market for the summer/fall season:(

I visited the West End Market today, which will be my last as I am off to Victoria for the next month. It is an absolutely beautiful fall day, sunny with a refreshing nip in the air.

The market was filled with beautiful fall veggies- I just love all of the fall colours!  Here are some of my picks of the day:

Squash galore!  Love to bake the acorn or turban variety and then stuff each side with apple sauce and raisins.  Easy to prepare and yummy!



Brocolli, among my favorite veggies!  Gently steamed or raw- leave it simple!


How about some vibrant red beets?  Borscht anyone?


And for the sweet tooth- how about some Bosc pears and Granny Smith apples?  Don't you just love a green apple with the little blush of red?  


And for my "pick of the day"- brussel sprout stalks!  How cool is that to be able to buy them in their native form, as though you had just picked it yourself.  



Although I am very sad about the end of the summer/fall market, at least I still have the winter market to look forward to!  It starts in 2 weekend's time (Nov. 3) at the Nat Bailey Stadium (30th and Ontario). Hope to see you there!


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