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Brunch and Booze at Fable


1944 West 4th Ave


Although I have already written 2 reviews of Fable (Urbanspoon and a previous blog post), I could not stop there without having reviewed Fable's brunch which, similar to its dinners, has gotten rave reviews.

Fable serves its brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30-2.  It has now started a tradition of doing a "boozy brunch" on a monthly basis.  

I was planning a mini-baby shower for my friend who, like myself, is a big Top Chef fan, so Fable immediately came to mind.  It just so happened that it was Boozy Brunch week but, after I made sure there were lots of "non-boozy" options for her, she was on board!

From talking with the servers, Fable has been pretty much filling up for brunch every weekend.  This was their second Boozy Brunch and the place was hopping!  I was glad to have made a reso well in advance (using Direct Message on Twitter is a great made to make resos here- they get back to you in a jiffy!).


The appeal of Boozy Brunch is that most alcoholic beverages are half price- so you can get 2 shots instead of 1!  This gave my pregnant friend's husband the inspiration to create his own secret creation- adding 2 shots of vodka in his smoothie!  That really is the breakfast of champions!

My husband and I were not feeling quite as creative so we chose their mimosa (me, grapefruit and my hubby, orange).  Very yummy and, even better, half price!

I chose the "Fable Egg"- lovely nuggets of new potatoes surrounded by seasonal kale and mushrooms topped off with a sunny-side up egg.  There were a few small pieces of lardon in the mix to give a little flavor punch.  It came with a small piece of toast.  Although the dish was very tasty, I must admit that my favorite part was the toast because of the delicious condiments that it was served with- fresh blueberry jam and homeade almond butter.  I mean, come on, when was the last time you got house-made almond butter at a brunch joint?  My only gripe was that I would have liked at least 1 more piece of toast to act as a conduit to those luscious condiments- I ended up eating them solo right out of the jar!


My husband ordered the pulled-porked pancakes which he really enjoyed (better than those he had previously at the popular Red Wagon on East Hastings).  He also ordered a side of their bacon with apple jam.  Just FYI, this bacon was not your typical bulk supermarket bacon!  Instead it is a thick slab of pork with a nice amount of marbling.  The texture is different than your everyday bacon- chewy and meatier.  The apple jam on the side was a nice sweet accompaniment to the salty bacon.  



My friends chose other of the menu's offerings, including the Eggs Benedict with ham that came with a cute little piece of roti and the French Toast made with Curtis' brioche.  The French Toast was especially yummy- when my friend could not finish it, it was passed around the table until every last morsel was gone.  Way too good to waste!



At the end of our brunch, we were delivered a tasty little white chocolate and almond cookies on the house- a nice touch!



Fable is certainly the hot ticket in town these days and after two recent dinners and this brunch, it is easy to tell why.  This place is just getting better with time (service has gotten better with each of our visits) and their menu continues to evolve (they now have a new dinner menu too).  Looking forward to my next visit to see what they have up their sleeves next:)

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