Friday, 14 September 2012

A Homage to Vancouver Farmer's Markets!

The inspiration for this post came at 5:45 this morning while on the Granville bus on my way to my morning spin class.  I often use this time to write emails that have come overnight or ones that I did not get to the night before, but since I was pretty much on top of things (for once!), I started scrolling through the 300+ pics that I have taken since the beginning of the summer.  I noticed how many of these pictures were from my weekly trips to at least one of the Farmer's Markets around Vancouver.  We are so lucky in Vancouver to have such a wonderful selection of Markets put on by Van Farmer's Markets.  I love you guys:)

On my weekend visit, I was repeatedly struck by the natural beauty of the offerings of farmers and other vendors.  And most of the time, it was not that the offerings have been painstakingly arranged in any particular design- no designer in the world could possibly design a display more vibrant and appealing than bunches of golden carrots strewn across a table or a juicy basket of ruby red strawberries?  

Here are some of my favorite Farmer's Market pics from this summer.  Hopefully they will inspire you to go check out your neighbourhood Farmer's Market before the end of the season at the end of October which is coming way to quickly!  To check out market locations and opening times, check out the Van Farmers Market website at 

The Stars of the Show: Produce Pics



Although I been succesful in finding vegetables that my husband likes (yes, not just tolerates, but likes!), his favorites at the Market still remain the Bread Affair (their Okanagan apple bread is to die for!) and the Chef's Natural Sausage (natural and nitrate free!).

And the vendor that would probably win the prize for longest line for their delectable baked goods (yum, Adults Only Cookie and Ginger Cream Scone!), is the one and only Purebreads.



So if you find yourself salivating over all of this amazing food (and you should be!), make your way to a Van Farmer's Market this weekend!!!

P.S: All Van Farmer's Markets are 100% Locavore approved:)

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