Sunday, 10 February 2013

New Favorites at Van Farmer’s Market

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Saturday mornings has become my favourite time of the week.  Not only do I get to sleep in and go get a nice coffee at Matchstick or 49th Parallel with my hubby, but I also get to go to the Winter Market at Nat Bailey stadium! I have been there, rain or shine, every week.  I am addicted! Here are some of my new faves from the past few weeks:

JJ Trucketeria- February is Food Truck month at the market!  JJ Trucketeria, who usually hangs out on Fraser St., is one of the new recruits and they are a must-try for sure!  I was initially drawn to their truck last week when a sign for “Market Bowl” caught my eye.  The Market Bowl contains ingredients sold that day by one of the Market vendors so they are as fresh and as local as can be!  This vegan dish contains brown rice, beans and veggies, and is covered in their “secret sauce” that will blow your mind!  The owner of JJs are incredibly friendly and will undoubtably greet you with a huge smile.  Can’t wait to see what the Market Bowl will bring next weekJ


Slavic Rolls- This one gets a shout out from my hubby for its yummy pastry treats!  These traditional treats are made with a flaky pastry-like exterior, rolled around a choice of 2 fillings. The fillings are either fruit jams, sugary spices and creams. My husband had one with blueberry jam and Bavarian cream based on their recommendation and he loved it.  Very decadent!  



Nidhi’s Cuisine- Attention spice lovers!  Nidhi’s cuisine is a small stand that must not be missed.   The lady who works here and makes all of the goodies (maybe her name is Nidhi?) is delightful and is very enthusiastic about her yummy offerings.  These include homemade samosas and patties made of beans, grains and vegetables (most are vegan!).  I bought her kale and potato cake on my last market visit and loved it, so bought another of those plus a millet cake this week.  The spices in these little cakes will blow your socks off!  I have no idea has she squeezes so much flavour into such a little cake.  They are great to eat all on their own for a snack, but I have enjoyed mine either on greens or on brown rice for dinner.  Yummo!


Hearts and Greens- My husband and I both love a salad to start off our dinner and there is no denying that fresh greens are soooo much better than the bagged ones at the grocery store!  This stand sells microgreens of multiple varieties, from arugula to purple radish, and will make you a mixed bag of those that you choose for either $5 or $10.  The amount of greens may look small for the money, but this is not your average lettuce and sells for much more expensive in stores.  I have been buying regular mixed greens as a salad base and then sprinkling these microgreens on top to make them last longer.  They add a fresh twist to a simple salad so go ahead and splurge a little!


Can't wait until next Saturday!!!!!

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