Friday, 12 October 2012

Seriously Good Java at Matchstick

I do not consider myself a "coffee snob" by any means.  I use soy milk and Splenda in my daily Starbucks which I am sure is frowned upon by those who can truly appreciate coffee in its naked simplicity.  However, I do know a good cup of coffee or expresso when I have one.

My friends who are more knowledgeable in the coffee realm than myself have been singing the praises of a new kid on the East Van block, Matchstick, deeming it the "best coffee in town". Although I really like the East Van vibe (hip, edgy), I rarely find reason to go over that way.  So when I found myself at Mount Dt. Joseph's Hospital recently with some time to spare, I took a wander over to Matchstick to see what all of the fuss was about.


This place screams hipster through and through, in a good way. The decor boasts is clean, crisp and minimalist.  It has 2 large communal benches which were full of people working away at their laptops the day we were there.  There is also a stand up bar for those who wish to stay for a shorter time.  Behind the bar, there are many coffee contraptions that a non-coffee snob like me could not recognize but they looked pretty fancy!  By watching those behind the bar work their magic, it was obvious that these guys are serious about their craft.


Because they pust a lot of love into each cup, expect to wait a little longer than you would at Timmy's or Starbucks.  Otherwise, the service was very friendly and the baristas were obviouly very knowledgeable and skilled.  

And the wait for my Americano was well worth it!  Smooth as silk!  Something so simple, prepared so perfectly.  I savoured every last drop!  For those who like bit of added creaminess, there is milk and cream as dairy options, as well as Almond Milk as a non-dairy option (no soy).  

Although the star is clearly their beverages, they also sell a variety of baked goods.  Being the sucker for baked goods that I am, I got both a muffin (cranberry-orange) and a scone (honey).  Both were very light and fluffy, with just enough sweetness.  My friend had the savory scone and really liked the addition of dill as a twist on the traditional cheese variety.  

Now that I have been to Matchstick, I find myself trying to come up with excuses to make the trip over to East Van on a more regualr basis.  Who knows, they may even make a "coffee snob" out of me yet:)

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