Monday, 1 July 2013

Food Cart Frenzy at Food Cart Fest!

Great new summer event alert!

If you haven't yet heard of Food Truck Fest, hold onto your hat and read on for what you have been missing!

Food Truck Fest is an "all-inclusive" event, with everything that you could possibly want on sunny summer Sunday, found all in one place, for 5 hours (12-5) EVERY SUNDAY until September 22!

You will find crowds of friendly Vancouverites, young and old, big and small, vegan and carnivore.  Many will be waiting eagerly in line, in anticipation of the smiling faces and yummy food that awaits them, while others will be sitting around happily munching away.

My personal favourite is JJ Truketeria, a truck that has made their mark with their signature "Market Bowl", a vegan rice bowl with beans, yams and carrots, smothered in a deliciously creamy chickpea-based sauce.  Although I am sure their other food is good a well, I could never leave the Market Bowl behind.

And for all you carnivores out there- Hubby's favourite is Pig on the Street, a bright pink truck selling all things bacon that is dangerously close to his downtown office on weekdays.  His go-to sandwich, the Southern Piggy (bacon, arugula corn, red peppers, BBQ sauce) was not available on this given Sunday, so he went with the Porker (bacon, homemade sausage, arugula).  And, if a sandwich with bacon as its protein is not enough to hook you, you even get a little pig statue with a cool name on it (Hubby got the Magnum P.I.G!) to identify you when your sandwich is ready!

If standing in line has left you sweltering, you can go and cool off with a tasty, homemade popsicle (think avocado-lime, strawberry-rhubarb or blueberry mojito) courtesy of Johnny's Pops.

And, after you are cooled off, why not stick around for dessert #2?  Erin Ireland is serving up her "to-die-for" Banana Bread, with varieties including chocolate macadamia and, in case you did not yet get your bacon fix at Pig on the Street, banana bread with bacon!  I have recently tried her newest undertaking, Lemon Loaf, which is crazy good (not your grandma's banana bread!), which will reportedly be available at next week's Food Truck Fest.  Find out more by checking out her website here.

And finally, if you are looking to burn off some calories at the end of your afternoon of indulgence, what better way to do it than bounce around in the Bouncy Castle:)

So if you missed this week's Food Cart Fest, do not make the same mistake again and head down to Cambie and 1st between 12pm and 5pm next Sunday.  The fleet of food trucks awaits you!

For more details on Food Cart Fest, including participating trucks, can be found here.

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