Sunday, 4 November 2012

Welcoming Winter at the VanMarket Winter Farmer's Market

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After saying a very sad goodbye to the Summer Farmer’s Markets a few weeks ago, it is with great joy that I can now blog about the Winter’s Farmer’s Market, running from now until April at Nat Bailey’s Stadium every Saturday from 10am-2pm from now until April.

The Winter Market made its debut this past Saturday (November 3).  The weather was very fitting for winter here in Vancouver- lots of rain to welcome the crowds! 

And the crowds, they came!  The wet weather did not deter hundreds of Vancouverites from descending upon the stadium to sample the wears of our fantastic local vendors.



I was very impressed at the number of booths at the Winter Market.  There were my favorites from my regular summer market, Kits market, as well as some that I was less familiar with (likely regulars at the other summer markets).  It is like having a big reunion of all of the summer markets all in one convenient location!

This past Saturday (the first Saturday of the November) was also Membership Appreciation Day.  For only $10, I bought my very own membership which now makes me eligible for special deals from many of the vendors and waives the $2 transaction fee when buying market money on the first Saturday of every month.  Plus I got a very cute little VanMarket pinJ

The selection of local produce was amazing.  Isn’t the fall harvest pretty?






In addition to the vendors, there were a number of food trucks selling hot meals to warm shoppers up in the cold, damp weather.  There were regulars like Vij’s Railway Express and Eli's Serious Sausage, and a few new additions including the Chili Tank, Le Tigre and Pigs on the Street.



Unfortunately, I will not be around for next weekend’s Winter Market (will be working over the long weekend in Victoria) but the following week I can’t wait to go back, rain or shine, to check out the excitement at Nat Bailey Stadium!!!









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